Health Psychology in Ireland: a healthy prognosis

2019-11-22T15:41:41Z (GMT) by David Hevey Anne Hickey

Health psychology is the study of psychological and behavioural processes in health, illness and health care. Health psychology emerged in Ireland with the establishment of the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) Health Psychology Special Interest Group in the mid-1980s, which in 2003 became the Division of Health Psychology (DHP). The DHP has grown quickly and has established itself as an active and engaged PSI Division. This paper outlines the history of health psychology in Ireland. Current opportunities and challenges for both the discipline and profession of Health Psychology are considered, and future directions are highlighted.

This paper outlines the development of health psychology in Ireland. After considering the definitions of health psychology, the growth of the discipline internationally is described to provide a context for health psychology nationally. The emergence of the Division of Health Psychology (DHP) from the Special Interest Group (SIG) is considered and selected achievements of the DHP are outlined. Finally, challenges and opportunities for health psychology are considered.