SLAN 2007: Survey of Lifestyle, Attitudes and Nutrition in Ireland. Alcohol use in Ireland: A profile of drinking patterns and alcohol-related harm from SLAN 2007.

The SLÁN 2007 survey contained a series of questions relating to alcohol use. These included questions about frequency (how often) an quantity (how much) of alcohol consumed, as well as questions about alcohol-related harm. Quantity of alcohol consumed was assessed by asking respondents how many standard drinks were taken, a ‘standard’ drink being defined as a half pint or a glass of beer, lager or cider; a single measure of spirits; a single glass of wine, sherry or port; or a bottle of alcopop (long neck). This report forms part of a series of reports which seek to contextualise the SLÁN 2007 findings (see p. iv for full list of SLÁN 2007 reports).