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Musculoskeletal Clinical Vignettes: a case based text

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posted on 2019-11-23, 12:31 authored by John M. O'Byrne, Richie Downey, Iain Feeley, Martin Kelly, Lauren Tiedt, Mark E. Murphy, Ellen Stuart, Grainne Kearns

Musculoskeletal conditions are an extremely common presentation to general practitioners, emergency departments and hospitals. Although the clinical examination for each joint involves a similar approach (the ‘Look, Feel, Move’ format), be it the shoulder, hip or knee, many students can find the subtle differences between each examination difficult. They may also struggle to generate an appropriate differential diagnosis, based upon the history and examination. Commonly presenting musculoskeletal conditions in general practice and orthopaedics are presented in the form of clinical vignettes in this document. Each vignette starts by summarising the typical history and examination findings for each condition. The main positive clinical examination findings are outlined in bold and other possible findings in normal font. A list of differential diagnoses are then given followed by sub-headings illustrating why one diagnosis is more likely and others less so for each case. Appropriate investigations and management for the general practitioner or orthopaedic surgeon are listed to complete each vignette






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