A nurse-led intervention study: Promoting compliance with Diskus Inhaler use in asthma patients.

AIM: To examine the impact of a nurse-led patient assessment and education programme in promoting compliance with inhaler use in asthma patients.

DESIGN: A quasi-experimental pre-test and post-test design.

METHODS: A sample of asthmatic patients (N = 21) were recruited from the population of patients attending an asthma clinic. An Inhaler Proficiency Schedule (IPS) was developed and validated. At each visit, participants were requested to demonstrate their inhaler technique. The participants were investigated as to their confidence level with self-administration of their inhaler and adherence to prescribed doses. This information was recorded on a Patient-Reported Behaviour (PRB) questionnaire.

RESULTS: Technique, compliance and patient confidence levels improved with nurse-led education repeated over three visits; this was sustained on measurement at 6 months following completion of the education programme.