Aligning national policy imperatives with internal information systems innovations: a case study of an open source enterprise content management system in the South African public sector

2019-11-22T15:47:59Z (GMT) by Lizette Weilbach Elaine Byrne

This paper addresses the question: Can changes in internal organisational practices be effectively aligned with contentious national policy imperatives? One of the authors followed the implementation process of an Open Source Enterprise Management System in the South African Public Sector. During this process change management was observed in relation to challenges and opportunities in the alignment of the internal organisational changes to the imperatives of the national Free and Open Source Software policy. Based on this reflection it is proposed that the alignment of the organisational environment, change management strategies and "technologies in practice" is required to address many of the "common" change management challenges. However, this approach does not assist in addressing the major challenge of attaining harmonious internal organisational changes which attempt to implement contentious national policy.