Clinical guideline adherence by physiotherapists working in acute stroke care.

The publication of the Irish Clinical Guidelines for Stroke in 2009 provided healthcare professionals with an essential tool for improving stroke services. The aim of this study was to identify the degree to which Senior Physiotherapists in acute stroke care adhered to the Irish Clinical Guidelines for Stroke. This was a cross-sectional study, a postal or online survey was distributed to 31 Senior Physiotherapists working in acute stroke care, 23 responded, achieving a 74% response rate. There was excellent compliance with guidelines for the completion and documentation of full assessment within 5 working days of admission 19 respondents (82.6%), and the involvement of the patient in goal setting 19 (82.6%). Poor compliance was reported in relation to the provision of early assessment 10 (43.5%) and adequate rehabilitation intensity 9 (39%). The main barriers to compliance in these areas were organisational in nature.