Leading change as a professional: working across boundaries

2019-11-22T16:11:58Z (GMT) by Pauline Joyce Paula Kinnarney

This paper outlines an initiative, namely a leadership symposium, which developed from a chance meeting of like-minded academics, who were trying to achieve similar outcomes with their student groups; namely, to include the scholarly activity of disseminating graduates' action-oriented projects. One group of graduates were from a mix of healthcare professions, the other group were teachers. Both were leading change projects across their professions. One group was guided by action research and the other by action learning. This paper outlines the graduates’ experiences of their challenges, opportunities and learning from leading these change initiatives. Arising from the symposium exchanges, the authors focus on the unique opportunity of the event as a distinctive space for exchange of learning across professions. Findings from qualitative data collected for the symposium is supported by situated learning and existing literature.