Novel Improved Synthesis of HSP70 Inhibitor, Pifithrin-μ. In Vitro Synergy Quantification of Pifithrin-μ Combined with Pt Drugs in Prostate and Colorectal Cancer Cells.

We describe a novel improved approach to the synthesis of the important and well-known heat shock protein 70 inhibitor (HSP70), pifithrin-μ, with corresponding and previously unreported characterisation. The first example of a combination study comprising HSP70 inhibitor pifithrin-μ and cisplatin or oxaliplatin is reported. We have determined, using the Chou-Talalay method, (i) moderate synergistic and synergistic effects in co-treating PC-3 prostate cancer cells with pifithrin-μ and cisplatin and (ii) significant synergistic effects including strong synergism in cotreating HT29 colorectal cancer cells with oxaliplatin and pifithrin-μ.