Patient Satisfaction with Care as Managed by the Physician Associate or the Doctor as Part of a Pilot Project in Ireland

2019-11-22T17:17:32Z (GMT) by Pauline Joyce

Objective: The objective of this study was to examine if patients, visiting a hospital outpatient’s clinic, were satisfied about the care delivered when a PA instead of a doctor is the provider.

Methods: The study methodology was a descriptive quantitative approach using an eight-item survey and an option to include free text comments.

Results: There was no difference in satisfaction levels between consultations with doctors or PAs, as part of a pilot project introducing the PA role. Conclusions: In Ireland, patients are just as satisfied with the care they received from PAs and doctors. Findings are consistent with findings in other countries where the PA role is embedded. In meeting the patient's needs, an important aspect of care given by both doctor and PA seems to be keeping the patient informed and behaving in a professional manner.