miR-222 isoforms are differentially regulated by type-I interferon.

Endogenous microRNAs (miRNAs) often exist as multiple isoforms (known as "isomiRs") with predominant variation around their 3'-end. Increasing evidence suggests that different isomiRs of the same family can have diverse functional roles, as recently demonstrated with the example of miR-222-3p 3'-end variants. While isomiR levels from a same miRNA family can vary between tissues and cell types, change of templated isomiR stoichiometry to stimulation has not been reported to date. Relying on small RNA-sequencing analyses, we demonstrate here that miR-222-3p 3'-end variants >23 nt are specifically decreased upon interferon (IFN) β stimulation of human fibroblasts, while shorter isoforms are spared. This length-dependent dynamic regulation of long miR-222-3p 3'-isoforms and >40 other miRNA families was confirmed in human monocyte-derived dendritic cells following infection with