miRNAmeConverter: an R/bioconductor package for translating mature miRNA names to different miRBase versions.

Summary: The miRBase database is the central and official repository for miRNAs and the current release is miRBase version 21.0. Name changes in different miRBase releases cause inconsistencies in miRNA names from version to version. When working with only a small number of miRNAs the translation can be done manually. However, with large sets of miRNAs, the necessary correction of such inconsistencies becomes burdensome and error-prone. We developed miRNAmeConverter , available as a Bioconductor R package and web interface that addresses the challenges associated with mature miRNA name inconsistencies. The main algorithm implemented enables high-throughput automatic translation of species-independent mature miRNA names to user selected miRBase versions. The web interface enables users less familiar with R to translate miRNA names given in form of a list or embedded in text and download of the results.

Availability and Implementation: The miRNAmeConverter R package is open source under the Artistic-2.0 license. It is freely available from Bioconductor ( http://bioconductor.org/packages/miRNAmeConverter ). The web interface is based on R Shiny and can be accessed under the URL http://www.systemsmedicineireland.ie/tools/mirna-name-converter/ . The database that miRNAmeConverter depends on is provided by the annotation package miRBaseVersions.db and can be downloaded from Bioconductor ( http://bioconductor.org/packages/miRBaseVersions.db ). Minimum R version 3.3.0 is required.

Contact: stefanhaunsberger@rcsi.ie.

Supplementary information: Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.