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A pain in the foot: a case of anti-phospholipid syndrome

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posted on 2023-07-24, 13:26 authored by Janso Padickakudi, Ailin Rogers, Daragh MoneleyDaragh Moneley

Anti-phospholipid syndrome is an autoimmune condition characterised by antibodies directed against phospholipids. It most commonly manifests with obstetric complications (e.g., recurrent miscarriage) or a predisposition to vascular thromboses. It affects approximately three to four people per 100,000, usually young females. This case report details a male patient who presented with symptoms suggestive of peripheral vascular disease. During the patient’s operation for a femoral-posterior tibial bypass, the consultant vascular surgeon, Mr Daragh Moneley, Beaumont Hospital, made a surprising discovery. A presentation of this case won the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland Council Medal 2008.



The original article is available at Part of the RCSIsmj collection 2008-9

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Padickakudi J, Rogers A, Moneley D. A pain in the foot: a case of anti-phospholipid syndrome. RCSIsmj. 2009;2(1):28-30

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