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Action Learning- a process which supports organisational change initiatives.

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posted on 30.03.2022, 11:31 by Pauline JoycePauline Joyce

This paper reflects on how action learning sets were used to support organisational change initiatives. It sets the scene with contextualising the inclusion of change projects in a masters programme. Action learning is understood to be a dynamic process where a team meets regularly to help individual members address issues through a highly structured, facilitated team process of reflection and action. The key findings from evaluation of the students and facilitators’ experiences are reflected on, together with plans for improving the experience for all stakeholders for the next academic year. In sharing this experience the purpose of the paper is to highlight the most significant learning from the evaluation. Good preparation for action learning is vital to ensure a positive experience for all involved. From the student perspective, an appropriate learning set mix is needed to ensure a balance of support and challenge for the action learning set. In addition to a preparatory workshop for action learning facilitators regular meetings with the action learning facilitators in the form of action learning sets could be scheduled as a support especially for those new to the process. Finally it is hoped that this account will encourage readers to use action learning for supporting and engaging students in organisational change initiatives.



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Joyce P. Action Learning- a process which supports organisational change initiatives. Action learning: research and practice. 2012;9(1):29-36.

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