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Adolescents presenting with mental health crises

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posted on 2022-08-30, 10:26 authored by Veselina Gadancheva, Helen BarryHelen Barry, Fiona McNicholas


The aim of the study is to examine emergency mental health (MH) presentations and assessments of adolescents (16-18) presenting to a Dublin adult emergency department (ED). 


Clinical data was collected on all patients over a 12 month period. 


Seventy seven adolescents presented, the majority out of hours (n=58, 75%) and with either self-harm (n=34, 44%) or suicidal ideation (n=28, 36%), where females significantly outnumbered males (89% vs 66%; p=.028). Other presentations included low mood, anxiety and behavioural problems, and following assessment from an adult mental health service team member, 55% (n=39) were given an Axis I psychiatric diagnosis. Almost all adolescents were discharged following assessment (n=68, 96%), the majority being referred on to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) (55, 78%). 


Crisis presentations to EDs often occur in adolescents with co-existing psychiatric disorders, and require skilled and therapeutic assessment. Knowledge of appropriate services for onward referral is essential, and highlight the importance of a close collaborative between adult EDs and CAMHS.



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Gadancheva V, Barry H, McNicholas F. Adolescents presenting with mental health crises. Ir Med J. 2019;112(10):1020.

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16 December 2019

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