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Another diagnostic tool for your pocket: how ultrasound is revolutionising medicine

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posted on 2023-08-21, 12:51 authored by Iris Rahman

Ultrasound technology, an imaging modality that was once challenging to master, has seen developments that have rendered it more user friendly. With a safer side effect profile and the ability to provide information in real time, ultrasound will likely become a regular part of general medicine in the future. As technological advancements lead to smaller and more portable machines, more clinicians are taking advantage of its utility in their initial diagnostic work-ups, even in general practice. From cardiology to emergency medicine, ultrasound provides a wealth of information to clinicians. In addition to becoming more and more cost-effective, image resolution is steadily improving, making it more accessible and effective. Therapeutic ultrasound, a growing field of study, can be used in the treatment of tumours or stones. Although there is high inter-user variability and limited tissue penetration, research into computer-assisted devices and non-touch ultrasound is promising. 



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Rahman I. Another diagnostic tool for your pocket: how ultrasound is revolutionising medicine. RCSIsmj. 2021;14(1):50-55

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