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Blue light blocking glasses: should we all be wearing them?

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posted on 2023-08-18, 16:15 authored by Tiffany Yeretsian, Gabrielle Sanatani, Bao-Nghi Nguyen

Blue light ranges from 400 to 490 nanometres on the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum and is emitted from common electronic devices such as televisions, smartphones, and computers. With current widespread access to and usage of such devices, concerns regarding exposure to blue light are being increasingly acknowledged. Blue light has been found to be damaging to the eyes and sleep patterns, due to a reduction in the body’s natural production of the hormone melatonin. In response to this potential health problem, blue light blocking glasses have been developed, claiming to protect the eyes from strain and to aid sleep at night. Among current published literature, there is conflicting data as to the full extent of the efficacy of blue light blocking glasses. While some studies have found blue light blocking glasses to be effective, others have found no such effect. This paper reviews existing data on this health issue and the potential benefits of blue light eyewear 



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Yeretsian T, Sanatani G, Nguyen B. Blue light blocking glasses: should we all be wearing them? RCSIsmj. 2020;13(1):39-44

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