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COVID-19 and mucormycosis superinfection: exploring the missing pathophysiological links

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posted on 02.11.2021, 17:16 authored by Talal Almas, Waqas Nazar, Tarek Khedro, M Ali Kanawati, Alishba Adnan, Mohammad Almuhaileej, Abdulaziz Alshamlan, Abdulaziz Abdulhadi, Kuvira T Manamperi, Saba Sarfraz
The coronavirus disease 2019 continues to unearth new facets that portend grave clinical implications. In recent times, there has been mounting fervor regarding coronavirus disease 2019 and mucormycosis superinfection. While the correlation between the two is conspicuous, the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms that render a patient with coronavirus disease 2019 susceptible to mucormycosis, or vice versa, are still elusive.



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Almas T. et al. COVID-19 and mucormycosis superinfection: Exploring the missing pathophysiological links. Ann Med Surg (Lond). 2021;68:102655.

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6 August 2021

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