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Caring for the psychological well-being of healthcare workers in the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

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posted on 2020-08-26, 10:35 authored by B Gavin, John HaydenJohn Hayden, D Adamis, F. McNicholas
During a pandemic, the demands on healthcare staff are extraordinary and long lasting. Successful public health outcomes are hugely contingent on effective functioning of the healthcare workforce, notwithstanding the absolute need for a whole-of-society response. A full complement of staff with minimum infection-related absenteeism, working to their maximum potential, with low level of work-related burnout is optimal. Attending to staff psychological well-being becomes imperative.



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Gavin B, Hayden J, Adamis D, McNicholas F. Caring for the psychological well-being of healthcare professionals in the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. Irish Medical Journal. 2020; 113(4):51

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