Compliance with follow up cytology after discharge from the colposcopy clinic.

Cervical cancer represents the second common cancer in women and is a major public health issue in Ireland and worldwide. Despite appropriate treatment of precancerous lesions, women with dysplasia are at relatively increased risk, and require follow up. We aimed to evaluate the compliance rate with follow up cytology advice given to patients discharged from the colposcopy clinic and to identify predictive factors for poor compliance. This is a retrospective cohort study of patients initially managed in our institution in 2001. Patients were evaluated for adherence with the recommendations received at the time of discharge from the clinic. Of the 116 women that were initially contacted, 100 agreed to participate in the study (86% response rate). Sixty women (60%) were entirely compliant. While older patients (> 40 years) were significantly less likely to show complete compliance (OR: 0.12; 950/ Cl: 0.02-0.58; p = 0.009).