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Cultural competence: an overview of the health needs of the Irish Traveller community

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posted on 2023-07-27, 10:33 authored by Keith Pilson

Culture affects many aspects of patient interaction with health services. Healthcare workers in multicultural societies often face additional challenges when caring for patients, be it a Muslim patient fasting during Ramadan, a Jehovah’s Witness who will not accept blood, or an Irish Traveller with a fatalistic attitude towards health. To provide equal access, a health service must offer all patients the same opportunity to achieve comparable health outcomes, which requires a culturally competent service. Ireland is home to people of 188 nationalities, practising at least 21 different religions, so it is a challenge for healthcare providers to become culturally competent. However, there are resources available to assist us in this challenge, including cultural mediation and a wealth of knowledge on the specific health service needs of different cultural and religious groups.



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Pilson K. Cultural competence: an overview of the health needs of the Irish Traveller community. RCSIsmj. 2011;4(1):74-77

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