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Damage to the waterworks: COVID-19 and the kidneys

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posted on 23.03.2021, 16:31 authored by Abdul Haadi, Talal Almas, Abdur Rahman Nabeel, Josiah CY Chan, Abdulla Hussain Al-Awaid, Muhammad Ali Niaz, Gabriel Gurmail-Kaufmann
The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) continues to elicit turmoil globally, culminating in a myriad of challenges for the general public, physicians, and healthcare systems alike. Although it primarily affects the respiratory system, there are several extrapulmonary ramifications, which are being fervently explored by researchers around the world. A growing amount of literature has established several extrapulmonary sequelae, including cardiovascular, hepatic, gastrointestinal, neurological and—more importantly—nephrological complications. Whether it is the occurrence of acute kidney injury in COVID-19 patients, or the effects of the virus in patients with chronic kidney disease and kidney transplant recipients, the pathophysiology of nephrological involvement remains esoteric despite its paramount significance. In order to devise efficacious management protocols, it is crucial to unravel and shed light on the inexplicable pathophysiological basis underlying COVID-19 induced kidney injury.



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Haadi A, Almas T, Nabeel AR, Chan JC, Al-Awaid AH, Niaz MA, Gurmail-Kaufmann G. Damage to the waterworks: COVID-19 and the kidneys. Annals of Medicine and Surgery. 2021;64: 102223

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15 March 2021

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