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Deprescribing: future directions for research

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posted on 2021-10-22, 15:46 authored by Wade Thompson, Emily Reeve, Frank MoriartyFrank Moriarty, Malcolm Maclure, Justin Turner, Michael A Steinman, James Conklin, Lisa Dolovich, Lisa McCarthy, Barbara Farrell
A World Café workshop was held at the Bruyère Evidence-Based Deprescribing Guidelines Symposium in March 2018 with 30 participants (researchers, clinicians, policy makers, stakeholders). This workshop explored priorities for future work in the field of deprescribing and deprescribing guidelines through group discussion. The discussions were guided by the following questions: (1) What are deprescribing research priorities (to inform guideline development), (2) What outcome measures are important for developing deprescribing guidelines, and (3) How do we evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of deprescribing guidelines? Discussion from all 3 questions identified 6 main priority areas: (1) conducting high-quality and long-term clinical trials that measure patient-important outcomes, (2) focusing on patient involvement and perspectives, (3) investigating the pharmacoeconomics of deprescribing interventions, (4) understanding deprescribing interventions in different populations, (5) generating evidence on clinical management during deprescribing (e.g. managing adverse drug withdrawal effects, subsequent re-prescribing), and (6) implementing interventions in clinical practice. These topics represent what a group of experienced researchers, clinicians, and stakeholders in the field collectively felt was important to consider for design and implementation of future deprescribing studies. The aim is for these findings to stimulate future discussions and be considered by granting agencies, policy makers, deprescribing research networks, and individual researchers planning future deprescribing studies.


Knowledge Mobilization Partnership Program grant through the Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation

Bruyère Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation

Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement


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Thompson W, et al. Deprescribing: future directions for research. Res Social Adm Pharm. 2019 15(6):801-805.

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18 Sep 2018

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