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Double-loop learning across healthcare and teaching professions

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posted on 2022-01-20, 13:02 authored by Pauline JoycePauline Joyce, Paula Kinnarney

This paper outlines a qualitative evaluation study of a leadership symposium, which was a partnership initiative, developed across two organizations and two professional groups (teaching and healthcare). It grew from a serendipitous meeting of like-minded academics, who were attempting to achieve similar outcomes with their student groups; namely, to disseminate graduates' action-oriented projects in a public forum. Data was collected from graduates (n=16) via open-ended questions and reflections on their experiences of carrying out their projects. The findings of the study are presented around the challenges, opportunities and learning from leading these change initiatives, using double-loop learning as a framework to interpret these findings. The symposium, offered a unique opportunity for exchange of learning across professions, from an inter-organizational level.



This paper is based on the learning from a 3U Leadership Symposium. The original article is available at

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Joyce P, Kinnarney P. Double-loop learning across healthcare and teaching professions. Journal of Inspiration Economy. 2014;1(1):23-34.

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