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Dye‑doped silica nanoparticles: synthesis, surface chemistry and bioapplications

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posted on 2022-09-02, 15:52 authored by Vladimir Gubala, Giorgia Giovannini, Filip Kunc, Marco MonopoliMarco Monopoli, Colin J Moore

Fluorescent silica nanoparticles have been extensively utilised in a broad range of biological applications and are facilitated by their predictable, well-understood, flexible chemistry and apparent biocompatibility. The ability to couple various siloxane precursors with fluorescent dyes and to be subsequently incorporated into silica nanoparticles has made it possible to engineer these fluorophores-doped nanomaterials to specific optical requirements in biological experimentation. Consequently, this class of nanomaterial has been used in applications across immunodiagnostics, drug delivery and human-trial bioimaging in cancer research. 



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Gubala, V, Giovannini, G, Kunc, F, Monopoli MP, Moore CJ. Dye-doped silica nanoparticles: synthesis, surface chemistry and bioapplications. Cancer Nano. 2020; 11:1

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9 January 2020


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