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Effect of H-bonding on network junction and macroscopic elastomer properties in photocured polyacrylate films

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posted on 2023-05-17, 15:35 authored by Bing Wu, Walter Chassé, Andreas HeiseAndreas Heise, Arno P. M. Kentgens, Dermot F. Brougham, Victor M. Litvinov
Two series of polyacrylate films with different H-bonding capable monoacrylate copolymers were synthesized by UV-initiated photo-polymerization. Detailed IR analyses on cured samples show that networks made from structurally distinguishable mono-acrylate have significantly different extent of H-bonded monoacrylate present. We found that this is induced by differences in the relative reaction rate between homo-polymerization and copolymerization of the relevant monoacrylates and crosslinker (PEGDA). Although ‘pre-organization’ of H-bond capable monoacrylates was observed for those tested formulations prior to crosslinking, which should significantly increase the homo-polymerization rate, it was found that the co-polymerization rate was also significantly increased. Furthermore, DQ NMR analyses on these networks pinpoints the presence of H-bonding clusters, which decreases mobility of chain segments near the H-bonding functional groups in the monoacrylate sidechains (dangling chain segments of monoacrylate). However, the overall network topology does not alter significantly upon forming H-bonding clusters in the monoacrylate sidechains. Finally it was also found that larger H-bonding clusters increase the apparent network junction functionality. These findings are discussed in the context of utilizing the H-bonding capable monoacrylates to tailor the microscopic topological properties as well as macroscopic physical properties of photocured polyacrylate polymer films.


EU FP7 Marie Curie Actions under the NEOGEL project (Grant No. 316973)

EU Horizon2020 Marie Curie Cofound project (Grant No. 713279)

Netherlands Organization of Scientific Research (NWO)

Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI)




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Wu B, et al. 2022. Effect of H-bonding on network junction and macroscopic elastomer properties in photocured polyacrylate films. Mater Chem Front. 6, 990-1004

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24 January 2022


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