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Extra-nuclear and cytoplasmic steroid receptor signalling in hormone dependent cancers

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posted on 2024-06-04, 10:04 authored by Stephanie AgbanaStephanie Agbana, Marie McIlroyMarie McIlroy

Steroid hormone receptors are key mediators in the execution of hormone action through a combination of genomic and non-genomic action. Since their isolation and characterisation in the early 20th Century much of our understanding of the biological actions of steroid hormones are underpinned by their activated receptor activity. Over the past two decades there has been an acceleration of more omics-based research which has resulted in a major uptick in our comprehension of genomic steroid action. However, it is well understood that steroid hormones can induce very rapid signalling events in tandem with their genomic actions wherein they exert their influence through alterations in gene expression. Thus the totality of genomic and non-genomic steroid action occurs in a simultaneous and reciprocal manner and a greater appreciation of whole cell action is required to fully evaluate steroid hormone activity in vivo. In this mini-review we outline the most recent developments in non-genomic steroid action and cytoplasmic steroid hormone receptor biology in endocrine-related cancers with a focus on the 3-keto steroid receptors, in particular the androgen receptor. 


Evaluation of androgen driven cancer cell entosis as a potential mechanism of endocrine therapy resistance in breast cancer. | Funder: Irish Endocrine Society | Grant ID: MMCI-IES-2023



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Agbana S, McIlroy M. Extra-nuclear and cytoplasmic steroid receptor signalling in hormone dependent cancers. J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 2024;243:106559.

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31 May 2024

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