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Femorocele: a rare clinical entity – a case report

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posted on 2023-04-26, 09:53 authored by Mouhammad Halabi, Abdulrahman Alomar, Abdulrahman Alrujaib, Mahmoud Hamza, Hatem Moussa

Introduction and importance: A femoral hernia is a protrusion of the peritoneum through a defect in the femoral ring into the femoral canal. A rare form of a femoral hernia is a femorocele, which requires a highly skilled physician for accurate diagnosis and management. Clinical examination is the gold standard for diagnosis, with a CT used to confirm clinical suspicion. Once diagnosed, the only curative option is surgery. This case report provides evidence for the use of robotics to treat a femorocele.

Case presentation: A 23-year-old female with a two-year history of a non-reducible fluid-filled swelling in the right groin presented to the surgical clinic. Upon clinical suspicion and CT imaging, a femorocele was diagnosed. The surgeon opted for a femoral hernia repair using the da Vinci surgical system. Peritoneal connection with the hernia sac was noted, confirming the diagnosis. The content of the cystic mass was reduced; further to that, the omental content was also reduced and the hernia was repaired. The patient tolerated the procedure with no complications.

Clinical discussion: This case highlights the use of robotics to treat a rare clinical entity. Robotics was used for this case as it provided exceptional ergonomics, three-dimensional visualization, and wristed movements.

Conclusion: A femorocele is a rare form of a femoral hernia that requires accurate diagnosis and proper management. In this case, we demonstrated the possibility of using robotics as a viable option for treatment of a femorocele.



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Halabi M, Alomar A, Alrujaib A, Hamza M, Moussa H. Femorocele: a rare clinical entity – a case report. Int J Surg Case Rep. 2023;106:108123.

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7 April 2023

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