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Functional and phylogenetic diversity of BSH and PVA enzymes

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posted on 2021-09-07, 11:24 authored by Jack W Daly, Stephen KeelyStephen Keely, Cormac G. M. Gahan
Bile salt hydrolase (BSH) and penicillin V acylase (PVA) are related enzymes that are classified as choloylglycine hydrolases (CGH). BSH enzymes have attracted significant interest for their ability to modulate the composition of the bile acid pool, alter bile acid signaling events mediated by the host bile acid receptors FXR and TGR5 and influence cholesterol homeostasis in the host, while PVA enzymes have been widely utilised in an industrial capacity in the production of semi-synthetic antibiotics. The similarities between BSH and PVA enzymes suggest common evolution of these enzymes and shared mechanisms for substrate binding and catalysis. Here, we compare BSH and PVA through analysis of the distribution, phylogeny and biochemistry of these microbial enzymes. The development of new annotation approaches based upon functional enzyme analyses and the potential implications of BSH enzymes for host health are discussed.


Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) | Grant ID: 16/IA/4445

Science Foundation Ireland (APC Microbiome Ireland grant SFI/12/RC/2273)

Irish Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine (DAFM) under the Food Institutional Research Measure (FIRM) grant number 17F244



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Daly JW, Keely SJ, Gahan CGM. Functional and phylogenetic diversity of BSH and PVA enzymes. Microorganisms. 2021 31;9(4):732.

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31 March 2021

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