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Global Surgery Priorities: A Response to Recent Commentaries.

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posted on 2022-04-04, 13:28 authored by Jakub GajewskiJakub Gajewski, Ruairi BrughaRuairi Brugha, Leon Bijlmakers

We welcome the five published responses1-5 to our editorial,6 which outlined a research agenda for making surgery accessible in low- and middle-income country settings, where it is most needed. The commentators represent a good mix of academics, researchers and advocacy specialists, which demonstrates the growing global commitment to working together in the ‘empirically evolving global surgery systems science.’3 There is considerable consensus in the messages, including the importance of collaborative research approaches, adapted to country contexts; a focus on district population needs; and the use of standardised routine data collection and evaluation methods. Here, we briefly touch on some important new perspectives and some diverging ones.



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Gajewski J, Brugha R, Bijlmakers L. Global Surgery Priorities: A Response to Recent Commentaries. International Journal of Health Policy and Management, 2019;8(6):381–383

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