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Healthcare workers’ experience of a coach-led digital platform for better well-being

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posted on 2024-03-19, 12:06 authored by Roisin O'DonovanRoisin O'Donovan, C. Loughnane, J. Donnelly, R. Kelly, D. Kemp, L. McCarthy, Gozie OffiahGozie Offiah, A. Sweeney, A.P. Duggan, Padraic DunnePadraic Dunne

This study aimed to use a coach-led digital health platform to mitigate burnout and enhance wellbeing among hospital workers. Individual interviews were conducted with 11 healthcare workers to explore their experiences of working with a coach through text-based communication on a digital support platform. Interviews were analysed using thematic analysis. Three overarching themes were identified: (1) Human-centred Conversation, Facilitated Awareness, (2) Learning and Growth, (3) Forward Momentum in the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine. Participants had a positive human-centered connection with their coach and felt safe to communicate openly with her via online chat messages. The coach facilitated participants’ awareness, learning and growth by helping them to identify the goals they wanted to achieve. Participants experienced forward momentum in the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine, including sleep, relationships, meaning and purpose in life, exercise, eating well, along with reduced loneliness and burnout. This study found that participants can experience an inherently human-centred connection through text-based communication with an online coach. There were some limits to this connection, including individual preferences and beliefs in relation to the digital means of communication. Participants felt connected to their coach and experienced benefits that extended beyond achieving individual goals to improving their lifestyle and wellbeing. 


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The data that support the findings of this study are available on request from the corresponding author [ROD]. The data are not publicly available due to their containing information that could compromise the privacy of research participants


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O’Donovan R, et al. Healthcare workers’ experience of a coach-led digital platform for better well-being. Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice. 2024;1-19.

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24 January 2024


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