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IKK1 aggravates ischemia-reperfusion kidney injury by promoting the differentiation of effector T cells

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posted on 2023-05-08, 13:40 authored by Ning Song, Yang Xu, Hans-Joachim Paust, Ulf Panzer, Maria Mercedes de las Noriega, Linlin Guo, Thomas Renné, Jiabin Huang, Xianglin Meng, Mingyan Zhao, Friedrich Thaiss

Ischemia-reperfusion injury (IRI) is one of the major causes of acute kidney injury (AKI), and experimental work has revealed detailed insight into the inflammatory response in the kidney. T cells and NFκB pathway play an important role in IRI. Therefore, we examined the regulatory role and mechanisms of IkappaB kinase 1 (IKK1) in CD4+T lymphocytes in an experimental model of IRI. IRI was induced in CD4cre and CD4IKK1Δ mice. Compared to control mice, conditional deficiency of IKK1 in CD4+T lymphocyte significantly decreased serum creatinine, blood urea nitrogen (BUN) level, and renal tubular injury score. Mechanistically, lack in IKK1 in CD4+T lymphocytes reduced the ability of CD4 lymphocytes to differentiate into Th1/Th17 cells. Similar to IKK1 gene ablation, pharmacological inhibition of IKK also protected mice from IRI. Together, lymphocyte IKK1 plays a pivotal role in IRI by promoting T cells differentiation into Th1/Th17 and targeting lymphocyte IKK1 may be a novel therapeutic strategy for IRI. 


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DFG TH 343/12-1

National Natural Scientific Foundation of China 82172164

Heilongjiang Province Key R&D program JD22C005.

China Scholarship Council


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All raw data are available via the Sequence Read Archive via GEO (GSE217696).


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Song N, et al. IKK1 aggravates ischemia-reperfusion kidney injury by promoting the differentiation of effector T cells. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2023;80(5):125.

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19 April 2023

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