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Knowledge and attitudes of men in Bahrain toward prostate cancer

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posted on 2024-03-15, 17:53 authored by Seamus CowmanSeamus Cowman, James Gerard Cowman, Ahmed Almumin, Fahad Abdul Fattah Mohamed Altailasan, Elizabeth Weathers

Objectives: Bahrain has one of the highest rates of prostate cancer in the Middle East, when compared to neighboring countries. Therefore, a seminal study was undertaken, investigating the knowledge and attitudes of Arabic men over 50 years and older, who are in the highest risk group for prostate cancer. A secondary objective was to apply inter-professional student learning of research though the inclusion of medical and nursing students in the research team.

Data sources: A descriptive research design with data collection through a researcher-administered questionnaire. Study participants included 74 men, predominantly of Arabic origin.

Conclusion: Whereas the results of this study are generally reflective of the international literature, the study also provides some new and interesting insights into the perspectives of Arabic men. The findings highlight the importance of a culturally sensitive, health awareness programme for men's health and prostate cancer in Bahrain.

Implications for nursing practice: The study supports the important role of nurses in men's health promotion and disease prevention. An expansion in community nursing roles could facilitate the development of nursing specialist roles in the area of prostate disease prevention. An enhancement of undergraduate nursing student research learning occurs through active engagement with researchers in research projects, where students participate in preparing for research ethics approval, data collection, data analysis and writing for publication. Inter-professional learning is a very valuable experience in lowering traditional barriers between medicine and nursing.


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Cowman S, Cowman JG, Almumin A, Altailasan FAFM, Weathers E. Knowledge and attitudes of men in Bahrain toward prostate cancer. Semin Oncol Nurs. 2021;37(3):151158.

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22 May 2021

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