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Liberian HEARTT: post-conflict emergency medicine

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posted on 2023-07-26, 09:24 authored by Paul Singh Dhillon

 “The love of liberty brought us here” The motto of the Republic of Liberia is in stark contrast to the lack of liberty that the Liberian people experience today. However, after decades of tumultuous politics and civil war, a modicum of peace and stability has entered the daylight hours of the West African nation. Liberia is a unique country, the only country that was not cut up and shorn along arbitrary lines of latitude and longitude by colonial powers during the scramble for Africa. This fact has not, however, protected Liberia from the civil unrest that has become so common among post-colonial African states. Liberia was created by freed American slaves during the 1800s. This connection to America is visible throughout the country, including the naming of the major hospital in Monrovia, The John F. Kennedy Medical Center. 



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Dhillon PS. Liberian HEARTT: post-conflict emergency medicine. RCSIsmj. 2010;3(1):79-80

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