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Motorcycle-related trauma in Ireland

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posted on 2023-03-01, 17:58 authored by Enda Hession, Michael Sheehan, Louise BrentLouise Brent, John Cronin

Introduction: Motorcyclists are over-represented in collision statistics in Ireland. There is a lack of descriptive studies assessing the impact and injury pattern of this trauma cohort. This study examines this trauma subset using data collected by the Major Trauma Audit (MTA) by the National Office of Clinical Audit (NOCA) to identify patient demographics, injury mechanism and type, treatments received, and outcomes.

Methods: All motorcycle-related trauma cases recorded on the MTA, NOCA in Ireland for the period 2014 to 2019 were gathered and analysed. 

Results: There were 704 cases identified; 94% of cases were male. The median (interquartile range (IQR)) age was 38.2 (26.7–49.7). There were 6.4% (n = 45) aged 0–18 years, 88.2% (n = 621) aged 18–64 and 5.4% (n = 38) greater than 65 years. The median injury severity score (ISS) overall of this trauma cohort was 13 (IQR 9–24) but 306 patients (43.5%) had an ISS > 15. The most severe injury body region with 35.4% (n = 249) was the limbs. Most patients arrived during the summer months with Sunday the highest day of attendance (n = 181, 25.7%). May to August were the months with the most attendance (n = 366, 52%). Most patients were discharged home (n = 372, 52.8%) and 43.8% (n = 308) required transfer to at least one other hospital for definitive care. There were 19 patients (2.7%) who died after arrival to hospital.

Conclusion: Motorcycle trauma predominantly affects a young male population with moderate severity injury characteristics. A significant proportion of patients present at weekends during the summer months, likely the result of recreational riding. A large cohort of patients requires transfer for definitive care, which has significant implications for trauma care pathways. National policies to enforce safety measures and public awareness for recreational motorcycle use may improve traffic safety and ultimately population health. 



Hession E, Sheehan M, Brent L, Cronin J. Motorcycle-related trauma in Ireland. Trauma. 2022;0(0). Copyright © [2022] SAGE Publications. DOI: 10.1177/14604086221130544

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Hession E, Sheehan M, Brent L, Cronin J. Motorcycle-related trauma in Ireland. Trauma. 2022;0(0).

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30 November 2022


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