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Plastic surgery’s role in aneuploidy

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posted on 2023-08-11, 13:10 authored by Inga Muser

In this article, the three most common aneuploidies and the role of plastic surgery for treating the symptomology of each are examined. For many years, plastic surgery for these conditions was considered only for its functional purposes – a means to correct structural abnormalities that impaired normal daily activities. However, with the emergence of research around the psychosocial effects of dysmorphias on the lives of patients with aneuploidies, the role of plastics may broaden to include strictly cosmetic corrections in the treatment regimen. This is not without its ethical considerations, and these arguments are discussed alongside relevant anecdotes and research. 



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Muser I. Plastic surgery’s role in aneuploidy. RCSIsmj. 2018;11(1):24-28

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