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Signal change following posterior fossa tumour resection: evidence of hydrocephalus

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posted on 2023-07-26, 13:27 authored by Brian Drake, Ash Singhal, D Douglas Cochrane

This report discusses two patients who had neuro-imaging changes suggestive of uncontrolled hydrocephalus following the removal of a fourth ventricle tumour. Patient one had a low-density change on a computed tomography (CT) scan and patient two had increased signal intensity on a T2-weighted magnetic resonance (MR) scan. Both patients were treated for hydrocephalus and subsequently improved with complete resolution of these signal changes. Progressive signal change in the region surrounding the resection bed following removal of fourth ventricular tumours may be due to evolving hydrocephalus. This finding might be a useful indicator of disordered cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) circulation that requires treatment. 



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Drake B, Singhal A, Cochrane DD. Signal change following posterior fossa tumour resection: evidence of hydrocephalus. RCSIsmj. 2010;3(1):39-41

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