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posted on 2023-08-03, 14:43 authored by Aislinn Killian

Lean Sigma at its core is about delivering a high quality product to the customer. In healthcare patients are the customers, and the focus needs to placed back on them. The pressure to reduce costs has shifted the balance away from the patient, yet by mapping out and analysing each step of the patient experience, it is possible to identify the exact areas that are inefficient and wasteful. This allows for evidence-based solutions, which will improve the quality of care and ultimately reduce costs. The current economic constraints are set to continue for several years and demand on the healthcare system will continue to rise. Lean Sigma has shown results when applied to healthcare systems abroad and it is beginning to produce results in Ireland. Lean Sigma is a long-term project; difficulties in its application to the public sector should be recognised and a culture of continuous improvement, with motivated employees, needs to be promoted. Lean Sigma has the potential to deliver high quality care in an efficient and cost-effective manner.



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