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The global impact on mental health almost 2 years into the COVID-19 pandemic

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posted on 2022-09-05, 08:57 authored by Blanaid Gavin, John LyneJohn Lyne, Fiona McNicholas

Approaching 2 years into a global pandemic, it is timely to reflect on how COVID-19 has impacted the mental health of the global population. With research continuing apace, a clearer picture should crystallise in time. COVID-19 has undoubtedly had some impact on population mental health, although the severity and duration of this impact remain less clear. The exceptional period of COVID-19 has provided a unique prism through which we can observe and consider societal mental health. This is a momentous time to be involved in mental health research as we strive to understand the mental health needs of the population and advocate for adequate resourcing to deliver quality mental healthcare in the post-pandemic period. 



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Gavin B, Lyne J, McNicholas F. The global impact on mental health almost 2 years into the COVID-19 pandemic. Ir J Psychol Med. 2021;38(4):243-246.

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9 December 2021

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