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Total ankle arthroplasty: the future of orthopaedic surgery?

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posted on 2023-08-02, 08:06 authored by Katharine Harper

The ankle is a complex joint with multiple planes of motion, which we heavily rely on for locomotion, balance and independent functioning. Thus, when arthritis affects the ankle, there are serious consequences, which underline the importance of finding a viable treatment option. One such treatment option, total ankle arthroplasty, has been garnering much attention over the past 30 years as it continues to progress towards a level of effectiveness equivalent to knee and hip replacement surgeries. After many failed generations of implant design, we are finally reaching a level of understanding of how the ankle actually works to make anatomically accurate replacements. The implant design, combined with the knowledge of the injury mechanisms leading to the need for an ankle replacement, have made the success of ankle arthroplasty more likely. For ankle replacement to have the success level of the knee or hip replacement, surgeon technique and proper patient selection must be pursued. If these areas of weakness can be overcome, the total ankle arthroplasty may soon be the first choice among orthopaedic surgeons for management of end-stage ankle arthritis.



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Harper K. Total ankle arthroplasty: the future of orthopaedic surgery? RCSIsmj. 2013;6(1):59-62

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