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"I won't be staying here for long": a qualitative study on the retention of migrant nurses in Ireland

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posted on 2023-02-07, 12:49 authored by Ruairi BrughaRuairi Brugha, Hannah Mc GeeHannah Mc Gee, Niamh HumphriesNiamh Humphries
ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: Although international nurse recruitment campaigns have succeeded in attracting large numbers of migrant nurses to countries such as Ireland, where domestic supply has not kept pace with demand, the long-term success of such initiatives from a workforce planning perspective will depend on the extent to which these nurses can be retained in destination countries. METHODS: This paper draws on qualitative, in-depth interviews undertaken with 21 migrant nurses in Ireland, focusing specifically on their future migration intentions. RESULTS: Our findings indicate that more than half of the respondents are considering migration onwards, for the most part because the destination country has failed to provide them with sufficient stability, particularly in terms of citizenship and family reunification. In considering onward migration, factors outside the health system were of most concern to those interviewed. CONCLUSIONS: This demonstrates the need for destination countries to take a broader and more long-term approach to international nurse recruitment, rather than regarding it as an inexpensive way to fill gaps within the health care system.



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Humphries N, Brugha R, McGee H. "I won't be staying here for lond": a qualitative study on the retention of migrant nurses in Ireland. Human Resources for Health 2009;7:68.

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