Female Genital Mutilation. Information for Health-Care Professionals Working in Ireland.

AkiDwA, the African and Migrant Women’s Network in Ireland, developed this resource as part of a project funded by the Office of the Minister for Integration, examining the health-care needs of women who have undergone female genital mutilation (FGM) in their countries of origin and who now reside in Ireland. As the project developed in 2008, it became apparent that there were few resources for health-care professionals working in Ireland encountering these women, who may have very specific and urgent health-care needs. As a result of successful collaboration between the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland’s MSc Women's Health course director and students, and the coordinator of the Migrant Women's Health Services Project in AkiDwA, key information on FGM and related health-care needs was researched and developed. Irish FGM-prevalence statistics were collated during 2008 and are also contained in this resource. It is envisaged that this resource will be useful to a range of health-care professionals in a broad spectrum of possible settings. The removable image sheet is designed to be used with a patient or client to illustrate FGM typologies and FGM prevalence across Africa. This resource would not have been completed without the active participation and assistance of the AkiDwA FGM Health Forum members (listed below), the board and staff of AkiDwA, the significant contribution from the RCSI, and the courageous women who have endured FGM and are seeking supports and services in Ireland.