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Major Trauma Audit paediatric report 2014-2019

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posted on 2021-11-01, 14:11 authored by Conor Deasy, Louise BrentLouise Brent, Olga Brych, Ciara Martin, Caroline Mason Mohan, Naomi Fitzgibbon, MTA Governance Committee, The National Office of Clinical Audit (NOCA)
This report provides the first comprehensive analysis of paediatric major trauma in the Irish population. This is timely, given the opportunities for improving care for traumatically injured children throughout Ireland presented by the new children’s hospital, as this will be the single paediatric major trauma centre for the State. The report highlights that paediatric major trauma is of low frequency, at 5% of the overall trauma caseload for the 26 participating Irish hospitals. This represents a challenge in ensuring that healthcare institutions have the required expertise, preparedness and practice for presentations and procedures that happen relatively infrequently. The report also highlights the volume of major trauma patients attending model 3 and level 4 hospitals outside of Dublin and the need for on-site expertise and rapid transport services to get critically injured children to the right place at the right time. The MTA will continue to inform the reconfiguration of the Irish trauma system so that it is continuously modifying and improving, driven by the data and outcomes of MTA reports, in order to ensure equity of access to efficient and high-quality care for the children and adults of Ireland. A key finding from this report has been the many preventable mechanisms of injury leading to major trauma in children. Disseminating injury prevention messages to key groups and programmes will be a key focus for the audit. Moving forward, the MTA will work to support hospital MTA governance committees to use the data to identify areas of variation and develop QIPs to improve care.





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National Office of Clinical Audit. Major Trauma Audit: paediatric report 2014-19. Dublin: National Office of Clinical Audit; 2021.

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10 March 2021


National Office of Clinical Audit


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