Review of Health Services Available for Persons who Contracted Hepatitis C through the Administration within the State of Blood or Blood Products. Implementation of Recommendations.

the State of infected blood and blood products. The Report examines progress on the recommendations published in 2000, and recognizes the evolution in service needs since then with the addition of 4 new recommendations. The Report will assist health service providers, the Department of Health and Children and the support groups to continue working together to ensure that the future service needs of this Hepatitis C group are met. It is timely that this review has come at a time when the health services are entering a new phase of restructuring and renewal. The Consultative Council welcomes this process and is confident that it will bring benefits to both service users and service providers. The Council has assured the Health Service Executive and the National Hospitals Office that we will be happy to co-operate with them and to continue playing a positive role in shaping Hepatitis C services for this cohort of patients in the future. As with the first Review the four support groups - Positive Action, Transfusion Positive, the Irish Haemophilia Society and the Irish Kidney Association - all of which are represented on the Consultative Council, are to be commended for the important role they play, and for encouraging their members to participate in this progress report.