An Evaluation of the Impact of the "Talk downs" Model on ~Self-perceived Confidence of Nurses for Descalating Potential Aggressive Episodes.

2019-11-22T18:07:17Z (GMT) by Francis Mc Carron

This change initiative sought to ensure the development of confident and competent nursing staff capable of effectively deescalating potentially aggressive episodes. The initiative was developed in response to feedback given by nursing staff working in an acute mental health setting regarding their concern in relation to their confidence in deescalating potentially aggressive episodes. The author identified utilising educational groups on de-escalation as a method of improving nursing staff confidence. This change initiative will focus on the development and evaluation of educational groups based on the “Talk Downs” model, as a means of developing the nursing staff confidence when faced with potentially aggressive episodes (L. Bowers, 2014).

The author facilitated implementing this change initiative utilising the HSE change model (The Organization Development and Design Unit, 2008). The initiative follows the four main steps of initiation, planning, implementing and maintaining. The author then uses this model to effectively develop and implement his change. The author then evaluates the change initiative utilising Kirkpatrick’s (Kirkpatrick, 2001) model of learning. The author structured his evaluation plan using the four levels of Reaction, Learning, Behaviour and Results in Kirkpatrick’s model to identify if the initiative has been effective.