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posted on 2019-11-22, 18:34 authored by Fadel YS Al-Sabah

Anatomy remains the cornerstone of medical education. Human anatomy has not changed, yet our understanding of the topic and the methods by which we teach anatomy continue to evolve. At present lectures, tutorials and human cadaveric dissection in the anatomy room remain central to anatomical education in the Republic of Ireland and throughout many parts of the world. With the emergence of new technologies, new teaching methods can be explored.

In-house and on-line teaching of Radiology and Histology are already used at the Royal College of Surgeons and we believed it apt to create an “Interactive Anatomy Dissection DVD” to complement the teaching of topographical anatomy.

We took an already successful and established anatomy course, ostensibly based off “Cunningham’s Manual of Practical Anatomy” (currently in its 15th edition), and filmed sessions of cadaveric anatomical dissection which correspond to the sessions, or practicals of the dissection room teaching time at the RCSI and with the collaboration of our colleagues from the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering of Trinity College Dublin, were able to use computer-assisted digital content analysis to auto-edit the footage, producing a 5-minute short, and highlighted and labeled the relevant structures that the student need be familiar with in a given anatomical area, we then interfaced this with images from “Cunningham’s Manual of Practical Anatomy (15th edition)” which Oxford University Press has kindly given permission to be used.

The anatomical dissection DVD is not intended to replace the lectures, tutorials, dissection room practicals and textbooks. Our intention is to create a user friendly simple interactive DVD that corresponds to the anatomy curriculum for the 1st Medical year of the Royal College of Surgeons.


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Professor Clive Lee


Submitted for MSc to the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

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Al-Sabah FYS. An interactive anatomy dissection DVD [MSc Thesis]. Dublin: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland; 2013.

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  • Master of Science (MSc): Research

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