Implementation of Online Reporting form for Needle Stick Injury in the Accident and Emergency Department.

2019-11-22T18:12:04Z (GMT) by Layla Abdulmahdi

This proposed organizational development project is designed to implement online reporting system for needle stick injury in accident and emergency department. Needle stick report is a formal report written by practitioners, nurses, or other staff members (Hynes J, 2009). A previous survey was done to evaluate the prevalence of needle stick injury and reporting rate, showed a high rate of underreporting and this was the catalyst for proposing this project. Cause and effect model (fishbone) was used to cluster the main causes of underreporting by using the present hand writing form. This initiative was driven by the need to maintain a safe environment for the staff which is highly correlated with patient’ safety by replacing gradually the existed blaming culture to safety culture. The HSE change model (2008) guided the proposed methodology of the change process. The proposed short term objectives will be evaluated by using a system model of evaluation (1971) where the performance indicators are specified. The proposed long term objectives will be evaluated by using the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model (1994) as it will guide the evaluation of the impact of the project from different aspects. This proposal recommends making the post exposure follow up and related vaccines as a requirement for renewal the license. Also, replacing the regular available needles with needless IV connector or self-re-sheathing needles that prevent needle stick injury.