Increasing Compliance with the National Sepsis Management Guideline through Sepsis Screening Form Utilisation

2019-11-22T18:09:10Z (GMT) by Orla Brett

Sepsis continues to be a major burden on the healthcare service at both a national and international level, affecting millions of people annually. Sepsis is a medical emergency and if not recognised and treated promptly, can be fatal. In an aim to tackle this burden, the National Sepsis Management Committee introduced the sepsis screening form to Irish hospitals in 2016. Using the DMAIC (define, measure, analyse, improve, control) framework for quality improvement (QI), this QI project plan aims to improve staff compliance to the National Sepsis Management Guideline by promoting the sepsis screening form and encouraging its use amongst staff in a public teaching hospital. This DMAIC framework guided this QI project plan through each stage. Using a variety of QI tools, including stakeholder analysis, fishbone diagram and process flow maps; the root cause of reduced compliance was identified. The results of this project showed that the sepsis screening form was not used in any of the patient charts investigated as part of this QI project plan. This QI project plan will discuss ways in which this problem can be improved through staff education and awareness.