The Implementation of a New Information System for the Finance Department in a Private Hospital

2019-11-22T18:10:18Z (GMT) by Joss D. Watson

This change management project focused on the implementation of a new electronic information system for the Finance Department. This was carried out primarily to achieve a greater level of accurate, concise and complete billing information for the Finance staff. It was a move away from a system that was reliant on paper and folders to store information. For this project, I utilised Kotter’s (1996) 8 Steps model of change to help me to initiate the change process. I used this change model because I believed the step by step approach would be beneficial to me as I had limited experience of implementing a change process. The sequential steps also ensured attention to detail and on what aspects the change agent was required to focus on at all times. I utilised a Likert scale to ascertain the impact the change had on the Finance staff. The initial findings were favourable, with all staff expressing an opinion that the way information was presented had improved. The throughput of invoicing has also increased. This is based on information extracted from the in house billing system prior to and post change. The training provided for staff to utilise the system was evaluated. The feedback gathered was positive. To conclude, the new information system is now seen as a beneficial support tool for employees to utilise on a daily basis and for Senior Managers when they are agreeing future contracts with Healthcare Providers.