Towards the Asymmetric Synthesis of 1,2-Oxazines

2019-11-22T17:45:11Z (GMT) by Linda Piras

The present work dealt with the preparation of some key intermediates and their use for the generation of chemical diversity.

In Chapter 2 the synthesis of cycloadducts 2.24 was attempted starting fiom acyl nitroso species 2.2.

In Chapter 3 a novel route to alkene-functionalised monobactams was developed and their potential in diversity oriented synthesis is still in progress.

In Chapter 4 we have described a good enantioselective Michael-initiated ring closure (MIRC) reaction of 2,3 -substituted- 1,1 -cyclopropanediesters under operationally simple conditions and mild PTC catalysis. The study delivers a class of novel enantiopure Michael adducts which could serve as valuable building blocks and as templates of high potential synthetic utility.