Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Niamh Dooley


  • Psychotic experiences in childhood are associated with increased structural integrity of the left arcuate fasciculus – A population-based case-control study
  • Early adult mental health, functional and neuropsychological outcomes of young people who have reported psychotic experiences: A 10-year longitudinal study
  • Multiple Network Dysconnectivity in Adolescents with Psychotic Experiences: A Longitudinal Population-Based Study
  • Differences in unity: The go/no-go and stop signal tasks rely on different mechanisms
  • Fine motor skill and processing speed deficits in young people with psychotic experiences: A longitudinal study
  • Childhood and adolescent psychotic experiences and risk of mental disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis
  • Birth Weight and Childhood Psychopathology in the ABCD Cohort: Association is Strongest for Attention Problems and is Moderated by Sex
  • Is there an association between prenatal testosterone and autistic traits in adolescents?
  • Neuroanatomical markers of psychotic experiences in adolescents: A machine-learning approach in a longitudinal population-based sample
  • Longitudinal grey matter development associated with psychotic experiences in young people
  • Person-Centered Trajectories of Psychopathology From Early Childhood to Late Adolescence
  • The persistent effects of foetal growth on child and adolescent mental health: longitudinal evidence from a large population-based cohort
  • Explaining the Association Between Fetal Growth and Childhood ADHD Symptoms: Cross-cohort Replication
  • Predicting childhood ADHD-linked symptoms from prenatal and perinatal data in the ABCD cohort

Niamh Dooley's public data